Starting Recommendations

1) Please do a “Relationship Cleanse” until our next meeting (at least 5 days). 

2) Read Basics.

3) Read ongoing recommendations.  

4) Listen to "The Power of 'I Am'" every day (in your car, on a walk or run etc.). This will be the best $21 you ever spent.

5) Create and begin using an Issues List (the perfect parking spot for your issues).  After discussing please record your couple agreements in another list called "couples agreements."  Please review these every Sunday.

6) Read Managing Incoming including "Skin in the Game."  
Note:  “Path of Peace” beginners, “Skin in the Game” is set up during a coaching meeting, not at home.  Just read it for now.

7) Read Managing "Outgoing"

8) Watch "War Room."  90% of your success, moving forward is in this film.  The enemy is not across from you.  He is between you.

9) Read and start Nightly Inventory  (No issues for the first 5 days).